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2014 AYSO Area 1B Playoffs U16 & 19 Divisions

Begin 11-4-14 

REFEREES!  Please bring your own flags!  We do not have extras!   

Playoff Rules Of Competition


AYSO Area1B Fall  U16-U19 Playoffs
Game Division Date Field Time Home Visitor Score
16201 GU-16 4-Nov GAP-1 8PM Campbell - C Cardenas - C  
16202 GU-16 4-Nov GAP-2 8PM Not Determined Not Determined  
16203 GU-16 10-Nov CHCP-4 8:15PM Winner 16201 Winner 16202  
16101 BU-16 11-Nov GAP-1 6PM Not Determined Not Determined  
16102 BU-16 11-Nov GAP-2 6PM Not Determined Not Determined  
16103 BU-16 12-Nov CHCP-4 8:15PM Winner 16101 Winner 16102  
19201 GU-19 5-Nov CHCP-3 8:15PM Cardenas - C Allatore - CH  
19202 GU-19 5-Nov CHCP-4 8:15PM Prather - DB Nugent - CH  
19203 GU-19 10-Nov CHCP-3 8:15PM Winner 19201 Winner 19202  
19101 BU-19 11-Nov GAP-1 8PM Reyes - C Aguayo - C  
19102 BU-19 11-Nov GAP-2 8PM Not Determined Not Determined  
19103 BU-19 12-Nov CHCP-3 8:15PM Winner 19101 Winner 19102  



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